How do I upload a picture?
To upload a picture you should send it via email:

Is this site safe for work?
Yes, this site is safe for work. We do not have any nude or violent panimations, however there is some mature humor in this site. Be careful, if you’re working in ultra prude environment.

How about e-mail subscription?
By subscribing to CreepyGif.com.com you’ll receive all newest updates directly to your e-mail account – it’s fast and easy way to check out CreepyGif.com updates without even visiting the site. Subscription is powered by FeedBurner.com (a Google company), so we 100% guarantee that you will not receive a single spam letter from us.
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I found a picture on your site that belongs to me. What now?
Visitors upload pictures and we publish them. This is how this site works. It’s impossible for us to tell whether picture belongs to someone or not. If you want to remove your artwork from this site or you would like to add your name next to the picture, you are welcome to e-mail us and we will solve the problem.

What others been saying about CreepyGif.com?
Here are few of my personal favorites:

It’s like YouTube for retards.
– Rob J.

Perfect for my limited attention span. I like how…
– shubnirrathe

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